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Hey, I'm Jenn

I design scalable experiences for hyper-growth businesses to grow users and revenue 🚀

I live for movement, joy, a solid vision, exploring the i̶m̶possibilities, and those ✨ah-ha✨ moments.

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Documenting experiences

Collecting experiences and sharing my stories in the pursuit of living a more creative, full life 💚

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MYOB | Collaboration + leadership

Bridging design and engineering to deliver lovable experiences

Collaborated closely with the engineering team to understand their needs and motivations, resulting in a significantly improved online experience for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

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Data visualization + analytics

Making data understandable, informative, and memorable

G2 Track is a powerful data platform that optimizes software stacks by tracking spend, utilization, contractual, and user sentiment data. As part of my role at G2, I was tasked with creating engaging data experiences across the product.

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G2 Track | End to End

Redesigning a complex management system to enhance usability

I simplified the contract management process for G2 Track's contract management system, resulting in a positive impact on abandonment rates, ease of use, and time and cost savings for organizations.

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G2 Track | Influencing stakeholders

Delivering value through simplicity and cost efficiency

As G2 Track's RFI project lead designer, I persuaded stakeholders to shift from a complicated RFP system to a simpler solution. This resulted in a faster design and build process, meeting user goals and rapidly validating our hypothesis.

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Collection of thoughts touching topics such as mental health, diversity and inclusion, imposter syndrome, and navigating through this world as a first generation lao-american.

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