Hey, I'm Jenn

I live for movement, joy, a solid vision, exploring the i̶m̶possibilities, and those ✨ah-ha✨ moments.

I'm currently taking a sabbatical to travel, develop my hobbies, and dive into new creative projects. Previously I was crafting better experiences for small business heroes at MYOB and led designs at G2 Track.

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G2 Track | Feature improvement

Contracts & Subscriptions

Scaling the software contract management process for users to easily enter and maintain contract data.

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G2 Track | New feature

Request for Information

Helping buyers gather essential information about a vendor's ability to meet their needs early on in the software procurement process.

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G2 Track | New feature

Departments, Budgets, & Employees

Bringing transparency to IT sourcing, engagement, and spend across teams.

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Collection of thoughts touching topics such as mental health, diversity and inclusion, imposter syndrome, and navigating through this world as a first generation lao-american.

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