A guide to design

December 17, 2020

With the colossal amount of design resources at our disposal, it can be an extremely daunting task to figure out which ones to devote our energy towards.

But this, THIS my sweet child. This is one of those resources I'm excited to share with you:

A Guide to Design made by the UX Collective

It's a beautifully curated collection of design resources that makes learning enjoyable, uncomplicated, and the best part FREE. Whether you have 0 or 50 years of experience in product design, there's a lesson in it for everyone.

P.S. My favorite learning is Chapter 4. I get a little giddy any time someone recognizes the power of community-driven development. As designers, we are privileged to have the power to improve the lives, not only of our users, but the communities impacted by the businesses we enable to grow through our work. We hold a deep responsibility to our communities and for elevating diverse perspectives.

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