TLDR: my portfolio is built on Webflow

February 5, 2021

Since publishing my portfolio in October of 2020, the most popular question I've received from friends and strangers is: "what did you use to build your portfolio?"

In case you were also wondering, the answer is Webflow.

Beforehand, I was using Squarespace and it did a good job with what I needed at the time in terms of merely sharing my work. But for this second iteration, I wanted it to be more "me" —a place for me to have full control over the medium and message I wanted to share.

Webflow became a playground for me to learn and experiment. I had a lot more control in styling interactions and animations and building layouts the way I wanted.

I used the template Alex by Lightning Lab and kept the animation included in the home page, but customized pretty much the rest of the site.

Webflow's University was a huge help in educating me on the basics of grid and flexbox to more advanced interactions and accessibility techniques.

I would 100% recommend checking out their lessons when in doubt.

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