Today is a win for Democracy

January 20, 2021

I'm crying—like full blown ugly don't look at me—crying.

It's never hit me as hard as it has this morning. I think it's because for so many of us, including myself, chaos, division, and conflict has been inseparably entangled with our formative years.

But today, I am just so moved, overjoyed, and hopeful.

I think I've been holding my breath, for what feels like the last four years--but watching these brave organizers, activists, and community builders reclaim our democracy is incredibly overwhelming and I'm so proud of everyone who's fought tirelessly to get us to this moment.

They made this moment possible.

I can't even describe what this means as a woman, born and raised in America. We fucking did it.

Today is a win for democracy. Today is a win for BIPOC. Today is a win for LGBTQ+ individuals.

This is our time. A generation of immigrants, rebels, protectors, and leaders. This is OUR time.

Biden's already signed 17 executive actions on Day 1:

The work isn't over and it's on us to hold ourselves accountable to building a better future for all.

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