My Design Philosophy

February 17, 2021

I often get asked about my design process.

This question is asked to understand HOW I think and work, but it doesn't necessarily answer WHY.

My process depends on the project, however what does stay consistent are my values.

They shape my design philosophy and provide insight into why I approach problems the way I do.


I believe using generosity as fuel burns the best results.

When we refocus the attention from ourselves to how it will benefit others, it takes a tremendous weight off our shoulders. The work becomes less about you and more about how it can help others.

I believe being vulnerable is more important than being right.

Vulnerability is a gift you give to yourself and others. It's the driving force of connection. Come with the intention to listen, learn, and share despite the possibility of being wrong or rejected. Besides, being right all the time isn't that fun anyways.

I believe detachment to the outcome improves the enjoyment of the process.

We should still care about the outcome and goal, but being too fixated on the outcome kills creativity. Set up some constraints and go wild.

I believe we only get better through practice.

As with any skill, we get better through consistency. Choose an area you want to be better at and dive into it.

I believe in giving a shit and expressing it.

As creators, we need to be giving more shits. We are privileged to have the power to touch the lives, not only of our users, but of the communities impacted by the organizations we enable. We hold a deep responsibility to them.

I believe courage is contagious.

Challenge the status-quo, make noise, stand up for what you believe in. The more we get out of our comfort zone, the more it encourages others to do the same.